Leaf Blower Safety

A leaf blower might not seem like the most dangerous piece of power equipment, but as with anything else you need to take caution to help prevent injuries. Operating a leaf blower is fairly straightforward, but taking heed of these basic guidelines will ensure that you, everyone around you and your property all stay safe and sound.

Noise level

The first consideration you’ll have to remember when it comes to leaf blower safety is their noise level. Noise levels will vary from model to model, but generally electric leaf blowers are the quietest, followed by handheld gas models, backpack gas leaf blowers and finally walk behind leaf blowers. Regardless of the style that you’re using, you should always use ear muffs or ear plugs for your safety.


You can also help to keep yourself safe by dressing appropriately. For example, the best outfit for using a leaf blower will be tight fitting long jeans and a tight fitting long sleeve shirt. Loose pieces of clothing can get caught in the blower. That also means that you should avoid wearing scarves or jewelry, and that if you have long hair it should be covered up in a hat. A pair of safety goggles and gloves will round out your wardrobe and keep you perfectly protected.


If you need to make any repairs or conduct any maintenance, ensure that the leaf blower is turned off and that the spark plug has been disconnected. If you’re using a gas powered model and need to fill it up remember that if you were just using it, the engine will be hot and will need to cool down.


Young children generally are not recommended to use power equipment such as a leaf blower. When your child is old enough to take on his or her share of the chores around the house, then be sure to teach and demonstrate all of the important safety principles. Then be sure to keep a close eye on them while they use the equipment, and always be close by in case anything goes wrong.

Basic guidelines

Finally, there are also a few basic usage guidelines that will help you stay safe as well. These may seem obvious, but injuries are reported all around the country every year because of many of these mistakes. First of all, never point a leaf blower at anybody and never turn a leaf blower on inside of a house, or even inside of your garage or basement. Additionally, never try to “throw” any debris at someone or any objects. Rocks, twigs and other landscaping or debris can become very dangerous once airborne. Always keep your leaf blower pointed down.

Operating a leaf blower should never be dangerous. When used appropriately, it’s a completely safe piece of machinery that can be used by just about anybody. However, you need to make sure to take the proper precautions. You can do this by dressing with the right clothes, keeping a close eye on children, carefully making any repairs and always following generally safety principles.

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